Microelectronics for computing and communication systems

Course Description

Technology of VLSI/ULSI circuits. Overview of the devices and their applications. Methods of integration. Scaling methods of microelectronic circuit. Power, voltage and current limitations. The operating frequency of circuits. Quantum effects. Characteristics of the methods of integration in VLSI and ULSI chips. Logic and memory cells characteristics at the reduced dimensions. Transition toward nanoelectronics.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


Yuan Taur, Tak H. Ning (2009.), Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices, Cambridge University Press
J. D. Plummer, M. D. Deal, P. B. Griffin (1999.), Silicon VLSI Technology: Fundamentals, Practice and Modeling, Prentice Hall
Joachim N. Burghartz (2013.), Guide to State-of-the-Art Electron Devices, John Wiley & Sons

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