Laboratory Calibration and Testing

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

Course Description

Metrology infrastructure (international, regional, national). Scientific, technical and legal metrology. Standards and standardisation (ISO, IEC, EN). Standard series 17000. Traceability of measurement result. Calibration and testing. Interlaboratory and key comparisons. Laboratory methods of measurement and analysis of influence quantities. Calibration and adjustment procedures. Validation of calibration procedures. Quantum metrology

Study Programmes

University graduate
[FER3-EN] Control Systems and Robotics - profile
Elective courses (2. semester)
[FER3-EN] Data Science - profile
Recommended elective courses (2. semester)
[FER3-EN] Electrical Power Engineering - profile
Elective courses (2. semester)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe metrology infrastructure (international, regional, national).
  2. Assess standards and understand standardization (ISO, IEC, EN)
  3. Analyze testing and calibration methods.
  4. Recognize the requirements of the standard series 17000.
  5. Develop plans for validation of calibration procedures.
  6. Appraise the level of accuracy and influence of quantum metrology.

Forms of Teaching


Lectures using modern methods

Independent assignments

Study of the selected themes in metrology


Experiences from the good laboratory praxis

Work with mentor

Leading of students

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Metrology infrastructure (international, regional, national)
  2. Scientific, technical and legal metrology
  3. Standards and standardisation (HRN, ISO, IEC, EN), Certification, accreditation and conformity assessment
  4. Standard series 17000
  5. Calibration and testing laboratories - organization and documentation
  6. Interlaboratory and key comparisons
  7. Fulfilment of technical and system requirements, Calibration and adjustment procedures
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Validation of calibration methods
  10. Measurement of DC and AC ratios
  11. Measurement of high Resistance
  12. Measurement of loss angle
  13. Measurement of phase angle and phase difference
  14. Quantum metrology, Superconductivity and quantum standards of electrical quantities
  15. Final exam


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  Summer semester
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Grading System

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50 Sufficient