Introduction to DJ equipment and mixing

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Course Description

Introduction to DJ equipment and mixing skill introduces students to basics of DJ mixing, selection of DJ software and professional DJ equipment. Classes will be held by course teacher and guest lecturers (famous Croatian DJs and producers, 2 classes), to introduce students with music industry and varying mixing techniques. Every class consists of theoretical and exercise part, with additional independent student exercises.

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
Skills (4. semester) (6. semester)
Skills (4. semester) (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Computer Engineering - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Computer Science - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Computing - study
Skills (4. semester)
[FER2-HR] Control Engineering and Automation - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - study
Skills (4. semester)
[FER2-HR] Electrical Power Engineering - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Electronic and Computer Engineering - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Electronics - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Information Processing - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Software Engineering and Information Systems - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Telecommunication and Informatics - module
Skills (6. semester)
[FER2-HR] Wireless Technologies - module
Skills (6. semester)

Forms of Teaching


There are theoretical lectures (three lectures).


There are three laboratory exercises.

Week by Week Schedule

  1. DJ software
  2. Song organizing and playlists in DJ software
  3. Professional DJ players and mixers
  4. DJ controllers
  5. DJ equipment functions
  6. Basic methods of using effects, filters and loops
  7. Basic mixing techniques
  8. Guest lecture with professional DJ
  9. Theoretical principles of mixing and harmonic mixing
  10. Recording and processing of the mix
  11. Connecting DJ equipment with sound system
  12. Loudness and hearing protection
  13. Guest lecture with professional electronic music producer
  14. Optional field classes - Nightclub tour outside working hours
  15. Optional field classes - A tour of the radio station


Charles Slaney (2006.), DJ Handbook, PC Publishing
Mendel Kleiner (2011.), Acoustics and Audio Technology, J. Ross Publishing

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Grading System

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