Innovation management

Course Description

This course discusses the process of creating and managing innovations in companies. Organizations explore new ways of doing business, applying new technologies, new products, or services, exposing themselves to high risk for failure. The central topics of this course are: How to stimulate innovative thinking? How is innovation developed and what kinds of innovation are there? What is disruptive innovation? How to monitor innovations in a business segment? How to implement innovation in the organization's business? How to use new technologies in business innovations and assess their impact? What are the technology ecosystems and how to enter into them? How to evaluate the impact of innovation? What is intellectual property? How is intellectual property protected and how it generates value? How to successfully turn innovation into a business plan? How to choose a business model? How to fund an innovative project within and outside the organization? In this course, lectures, guest lecturers, analysis of case studies and group work will be combined.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate spec. study


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A. I. Poltorak, P. J. Lerner (2013.), Essentials of Licensing Intellectual Property, Wiley
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