Fabrication of Electronic Prototypes

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

Course Description

Practical application of knowledge of electronics components and materials for making electronic prototypes. Components cases, soldering and desoldering techniques. Connectors, wires and insulators. Shielding.

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
[FER3-EN] Computing - study
Elective Courses (6. semester)
[FER3-EN] Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - study
Elective Courses (6. semester)

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply appropriate prototyping technique
  2. Identify suitable component case
  3. Combine suitable shielding techniques
  4. Apply appropriate soldering technique
  5. Apply appropriate connecting technique
  6. Combine suitable insulation materials

Forms of Teaching


Independent assignments


Week by Week Schedule

  1. Trough hole
  2. Surface-mount device (SMD)
  3. Soldering techniques
  4. Rework procedures
  5. Soldering materials
  6. Nonsoldering protoboarding
  7. Soldering protoboarding
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Protoboard techniques
  10. Connecting components
  11. Insulators
  12. Wires
  13. Critical nodes
  14. Shielding rules, Disturbance coupling and suppresion
  15. Final exam


(.), Walt Kester, Mixed-Signal Hardware and Housekeeping Techniques,
(.), Walt Kester, High Speed Design Techniques,

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