Electromagnetic transients in power system

Course Description

Modeling of power system eqipment for the calculation of electromagnetic transients in a wide frequency range: power and instrument transformers, rotating machines, overhead lines and cables, switching equipment, surge arresters, devices based on power electronics (HVDC, FACTS). Transients in circuits with linear and nonlinear elements. Analysis of low-frequency and high-frequency transients: short circuit, transient stability, ferroresonance, switching of unloaded lines, cables, transformers and reactors (switching of small inductive and capacitive currents with HV circuit breakers), very fast transients in SF6 substations, transients caused by lightning. Electric arc modeling in HV circuit breaker and transient recovery voltage analysis. Simulation of transients on examples from the power system in the EMTP software. Transients caused by the connection of renewable sources and electric railways. Comparison of simulations with the measurements of transients in the power system.

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