Enviromental Sustainability and Climate Change Mitigation

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain what is ecology, and what environmental protection
  2. Identify the fundamentals of environmental protection
  3. Describe the elements of the environment (soil, water, air ...) and recognize their protection measures
  4. Explain global environmental change
  5. Explain Climate Change
  6. Explain the concept of sustainable development
  7. Explain the principles of sustainable development
  8. Explain measures for mitigation and adoption to climate change

Forms of Teaching


Course lectures are organized through 2 study cycles. First cycle consists of 7 weeks of lectures and mid-term exam. Second cycle consists of 6 weeks of lectures and final exam. Lectures are held through total of 15 weeks with weekly load of 2 hours.

Independent assignments


Grading Method

Continuous Assessment Exam
Type Threshold Percent of Grade Threshold Percent of Grade
Quizzes 50 % 18 % 50 % 18 %
Class participation 50 % 12 % 50 % 12 %
Mid Term Exam: Written 50 % 35 % 0 %
Final Exam: Written 50 % 35 %
Exam: Written 50 % 70 %

Week by Week Schedule

  1. The components of the environment and legislation to protect the environment
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Environmental policy and climate change mitigation
  4. Fundamentals of Environmental Economics and Policy
  5. Air pollution and protection
  6. Land pollution and protection
  7. Water pollution and protection
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Waste and impact of landfills
  10. Greenhouse gases and global warming
  11. Ozone layer depletion
  12. Impact on the environment, International agreements to protect the environment
  13. Environmental Objectives & Principles of Environmental Protection, The subjects of environmental protection
  14. The basic documents of Environmental Protection, Measures and environmental protection procedures, Economic instruments in environmental protection
  15. Final exam

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
Computing (study)
Transversal Courses (3. semester)
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (study)
Transversal Courses (3. semester)
University graduate
Control Systems and Robotics (profile)
Transversal Courses (1. semester) (3. semester)
Data Science (profile)
Transversal Courses (1. semester) (3. semester)
Electrical Power Engineering (profile)
Transversal Courses (1. semester) (3. semester)


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