Electrical Measuring Techniques

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Course Description

Definiton of metrology terms. SI system. Standards of electric and magnetic quantities. Analysis of measurement results. Least-squares theory. Arithmetic mean. Uncertainty of measurement. Coverage factor and effective degree of freedom. Measuring resistances, capacitors and inductors. Measuring amplifiers: application and limits. Sources, cables and displays. Resolution; Accuracy and sources of errors. Applications and limits of analogue instruments. A/D converters in measuring instruments. Applications and limits of digital instruments. Transducers with standardized output quantities. Null, bridge, direct and comparison methods. Measurement of voltage, current and resistance. Measurement of power and energy. Measurement of impedance. Mea surement of non-electrical quantities. Unbalanced bridges. Laboratory communication Interfaces. Virtual Instruments. Software for metrology.

Study Programmes

University undergraduate
[FER3-EN] Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - study
(3. semester)

Learning Outcomes

  1. to evaluate the measurement uncertainty
  2. specify the requirements for measuring elements
  3. explain the principles of operation of analogue and digital measuring instruments
  4. measure the electrical parameters using a digital oscilloscope, a suitable measuring instrument or bridge method
  5. measure the force in DC, single-phase and three-phase systems
  6. applied engineering approach to problem solving using acquired knowledge in physics, mathematics and electrical engineering basics

Forms of Teaching


Lectures are designed as 12 thematic units that are logically continue each other. Following the lectures, students are introduced to the problem of measuring the spectrum of different quantities, in a wide range of their values​​. The lectures dealt with the computational examples.


Laboratory work provides 12 laboratory exercises that build on material from lectures. During the exercise, students have the opportunity to perform real measurements and apply the knowledge acquired in lectures.

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Definition of metrology terms, SI system and dissemination of units
  2. Standards of electric and magnetic quantities, Least-squares theory
  3. Arithmetic mean, Uncertainty of measurement, Coverage factor and effective degree of freedom
  4. Measuring resistances, capacitors and inductors, Sources; Cables and displays
  5. Measuring amplifiers: application and limits
  6. Resolution; Accuracy and sources of errors, Applications and limits of analogue instruments
  7. A/D converters in measuring instruments
  8. Midterm exam
  9. Applications and limits of digital instruments, Transducers with standardized output quantities
  10. Null, bridge, direct and comparison methods, Measurement of voltage, current and resistance
  11. Measurement of power and energy, Measurement of impedance
  12. Measurement of non-electrical quantities
  13. Unbalanced bridges, Laboratory communication Interfaces
  14. Virtual Instruments, Software for metrology
  15. Final exam


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  Winter semester
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