Electrical filters - selected topics

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Course Description

Classification of filters and equalizers. Application in acoustic, speech and music processing, measuring systems, biomedical instrumentation, transmission systems. Realizability conditions. Realization methods. Frequency transformations. Design and optimization tables. Passive and active filters. Voltage and current mode filters. Sensitivity. Trade-offs in filter realizations. Discrete and integrated filter circuits. Fractional-order filters. Application of computer programs in filter analysis and design.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


R. Schaumann, H. Xiao, M. E. Van Valkenburg: (2001.), Design of Analog Filters, Oxford University Press
T. Delyannis, Y. Sun, J. K. Fidler (1998.), Continuous-Time Active Filter Design, CRC Press
C. Toumazou , G. S. Moschytz , B. Gilbert (2004.), Trade-Offs in Analog Circuit Design: The Designer's Companion, Springer

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