Instructions and frequently asked questions

How can I communicate with course teachers?

  • The official address for questions regarding the course is By using this address, your message is delivered to all teachers in the course, which increases the likelihood that you will receive an answer to the query and increases the likelihood that you will receive an answer in a timely manner. In the Subject field pleaseuse the [RacFor] tag to make it clear that you are not a spambot.

How are laboratory exercises conducted?

  • Information about labs will be posted in the notices/news on the case page. Materials and instructions for the labs will be available in lab activity on the Moodle system. The results of the work on the labs are submitted through an activity on Moodle. In doing so, it is very important that you read carefully and follow the instructions regarding the format of entering the answers. All deadlines for lab activities (and homework) will be defined on Moodle.

Where and when are lab sessions?

  • Lab tasks are done independently at any location or in the premises of FER, where you can be provided with a computer to work and help to answer specific questions. Group exchanges will be open for all lab appointments.

Why are learning materials available in advance? Labs, lecture captures and slideshows for topics that have not yet been help?

  • All course materials from the previous year are available, so you can plan learning for the entire semester, get acquainted with the topic in advance and form questions, but also to present the course to future students or interested parties. For students enrolled in the course, the materials as such are of an informative nature until an appropriate notice of their updating and and usage for the course is published. Accordingly, the texts and contents of the lab are subject to change and will change until such time.