Contemporary methods for design of electrical equipment

Data is displayed for academic year: 2023./2024.

Course Description

Specific details on construction and technology of the magnetic circuits of electrical machines. Basic concepts in the development of insulation materials and their applications. Survey of new materials for electrical machines. Determination of main dimensions of electrical machines, scaling laws. Application of numerical methods and optimization in the design. Cooling media. Indirect and direct cooling of electrical machines. Thermal equivalent circuit. Design of electrical machines for regulated drives.

Study Programmes

Postgraduate doctoral study programme


Thomas A. Lipo (2017.), Introduction to AC Machine Design, John Wiley & Sons
Mylavarapu Ramamoorty (1988.), Computer-aided design of electrical equipment, Ellis Horwood Limited, England
Sheppard Salon (2012.), Finite Element Analysis of Electrical Machines, Springer Science & Business Media

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