Chinese language 2

Course Description

Short survey of chinese history and culture. Chinese philosophy: Confucianism and its role in China. Chinese grammar. Parts of speech. Phrases, independent and dependent clauses. Translation from Chinese to Croatian and vice versa. Chinese idioms and set phrases. Simple Chinese texts reading: Chinese idioms and stories behind them. Conversational exercises.

General Competencies

The aim of the course is to master the Chinese to the extent that one can use it for simple conversation, to read and write about 400 most common Chinese chatracters and to use Chinese character and word dictionaries.

Learning Outcomes

  1. describe some important facts concerning chinese culture and history
  2. recognize the structure of chinese sentences
  3. compose short texts in Chinese
  4. apply Chinese knowledge for simple necessary communication
  5. apply different methods of searching characters in dictionaries and on internet
  6. analyze and translate simple chinese texts using dictionaries and internet resources

Forms of Teaching


the lectures consist of translating texts , explaining grammar and practicing ithe use of computers in learning and translation


regularly school assignments, knowledge tests


phonetic exercises each week


Each week after lessons consultations


Chinese course Growing up with Chinese " 成长汉语" on chinese television CCTV

Grading Method

Continuous Assessment Exam
Type Threshold Percent of Grade Threshold Percent of Grade
Homeworks 0 % 20 % 0 % 0 %
Final Exam: Written 0 % 30 %
Final Exam: Oral 50 %

Week by Week Schedule

  1. Short survey of chinese history. States and dynasties in China. Verbs and extended verbs phrases (1).
  2. Short survey of chinese culture. Adverbs and their categories, characteristics of adverbs. Verbs and extended verbs phrases (2). Translation: Idiom Stories (1)
  3. Short survey of chinese philosophy.Confucianism. Prepositions and verbs. Examples of sentences. Reading and translation of short texts.
  4. Confucius' quotations. Examples of sentences with suffixes le and guo. Translation: Idiom Stories (2)
  5. Mencius' quotations. Examples of sentences with resultative structures and potential suffixes. Translation: Idiom Stories (3).
  6. Chinese chess xiangqi. Questions and question words in extended sentences. Translation: Idiom Stories (4).
  7. Location, directional movement. Setences examples. Translation: Idiom Stories (5).
  8. Extended sentences with bǎ constructions. Translation: Idiom Stories (6).
  9. Extended sentences with comparisons. Translation: Idiom Stories (7).
  10. Phrase and clause connection 1. Translation from Chinese to Croatian and vice versa.
  11. Phrase and clause connection 2. Translation from Chinese to Croatian and vice versa.
  12. About classical Chinese. Several classical aphorisms
  13. About classical chinese poetry. Some short poems.
  14. Knowledge test
  15. Knowledge test

Study Programmes

University graduate
Computer Engineering (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Computer Science (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Control Engineering and Automation (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Electrical Engineering Systems and Technologies (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Electrical Power Engineering (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Electronic and Computer Engineering (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Electronics (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Information Processing (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Software Engineering and Information Systems (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Telecommunication and Informatics (profile)
Skills (2. semester)
Wireless Technologies (profile)
Skills (2. semester)


Dunja Konfic, Liu Tao (2009.), HRVATSKO-KINESKI RAZGOVORNI PRIRUČNIK, Dominović, Zagreb
Emma L. Wu, Lulu Langtree, J. Weldon, G.Moore, Kyoko Galloway (2005.), Pocket Dictionary Chinese, Chinese-English, English-Chinese, Langenscheidt, Berlin ...
Wu Zhongwei, urednik (2010.), Suvremeni kineski jezik, Sinolingua, Peking
Claudia Ross (2004.), Schaum's Outline of CHINESE GRAMMAR, Mc Graw-Hill, New York ...


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  Summer semester
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15 Exercises
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Grading System

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