Branimir Brkić, mag. ing.

Researcher, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

Worst-case optimal scheduling and real-time control of a microgrid offering active power reserve

Kovačević, Marko ; Brkić, Branimir ; Vašak, Mario
Conference paper, 2021.
2021 23rd International Conference on Process Control (PC)


Analysis of a diesel-generator-assisted peak power reduction in a production plant

Brkić, Branimir ; Vašak, Mario
Conference paper, 2020.
IEEE 11th International Symposium on Power Electronics for Distributed Generation Systems (PEDG)


University undergraduate

University graduate


  • Control systems
    Decentralized control
  • Industrial electronics
    Predictive control
  • Industry applications
    Diesel engines Green buildings
  • Mathematics
    Linear programming Demand forecasting
  • Power engineering and energy
    Demand-side management  Batteries Microgrids

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Development of an innovative software solution for centralized monitoring and control of a critical infrastructure in commercial and residential buildings