dr. sc. Anita Martinčević

Researcher, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

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University undergraduate


  • Consumer electronics
    Home automation Smart homes
  • Control systems
    Automatic control Centralized control Closed loop systems Control design Control engineering Control system synthesis Digital control Programmable control Fluidics Nonlinear control systems Optimal control PI control Thermal variables control Temperature control Cooling Heating systems Thermal analysis
  • Engineering – general
    Maintenance engineering Predictive maintenance Preventive maintenance
  • Industrial electronics
    Industrial control Process control Predictive control
  • Mathematics
    Linear programming Algorithm design and anlaysis Algorithms Dynamic programming Genetic algorithms Signal processing algorithms Differential equations Convex functions Estimation Estimation theory Linear systems Mathematical model Mathematical programming Optimization Cost function Mathematical programming Quadratic programming Piecewise linear techniques Correlation
  • Power engineering and energy
    Energy Energy consumption Energy management Demand-side management  Energy conservation Energy efficiency
  • Robotics and automation
    Automation Building automation
  • Systems engineering and theory
    Complex systems Hierarchical systems Multilevel systems  Modeling Analytical models Simulation System identification Systems modeling Reduced order systems System analysis and design Control system analysis State-space methods Fault detection System dynamics System implementation System integration
  • Computers and information processing
    Big Data applications

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