doc. dr. sc. Anita Banjac

Assistant professor, Department of Control and Computer Engineering

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Modular Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Coordinated and Holistic Energy Management of Buildings

Vašak, Mario ; Banjac, Anita ; Hure, Nikola ; Novak, Hrvoje ; Marušić, Danko ; Lešić, Vinko
IEEE transactions on energy conversion

Building energy management service based on predictive control

Vašak, Mario ; Banjac, Anita ; Hure, Nikola ; Marušić, Danko ; Novak, Hrvoje ; Lepoša, Leon ; Perović, Paula ; Capuder, Tomislav
7. (13.) savjetovanje Hrvatski ogranak Međunarodne distribucijske konferencije HO CIRED

Hierarchical model predictive control of temperature in building zones

Martinčević, Anita

Constrained Kalman Filter for Identification of Semiphysical Building Thermal Models

Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario
IEEE transactions on control systems technology

System For Detecting Air Congestion Of Fan Coil Unit Heat Exchanger

Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario ; Marušić, Danko ; Kovačević, Borna

How Energy Management will Transform Cities and The Power of IOT for Intelligent Infrastructure

Martinčević, Anita
Techne Summit 2019

Identification of a control-oriented energy model for a system of fan coil units

Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario ; Lešić, Vinko
Control engineering practice

Model Predictive Control of Building HVAC System Employing Zone Thermal Energy Requests

Hure, Nikola ; Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario
22nd International Conference on Process Control

Integrating energy management of buildings and distribution grids – the 3Smart project

Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario
Sharing the Future of Cultural Heritage – Synergies between Heritage, Tourism and Digital Culture

Izrada aplikacije za prikaz stanja i dijagnostiku zona grijanja i hlađenja zgrade s ventilokonvektorima

Kovačević, Borna ; Martinčević, Anita ; Marušić, Danko ; Vašak, Mario
Dani inženjera elektrotehnike

Modular energy cost optimization for buildings with integrated microgrid

Lešić, Vinko ; Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario
Applied energy

Comfort Control in Buildings with Adherence to the Required Thermal Energy Input in Zones

Martinčević, Anita ; Rukavina, Filip ; Lešić, Vinko ; Vašak, Mario
IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics

Upgrade of a typical office building automation system for enabling open energy management services

Vašak, Mario ; Starčić, Antonio ; Lešić, Vinko ; Martinčević, Anita
International Conference on Smart Systems and Technologies 2017

Nonlinear hierarchical building zone and microgrid control based on sensitivity analysis

Lešić, Vinko ; Vašak, Mario ; Martinčević, Anita ; Novak, Hrvoje
21st International Conference on Process Control

Model Predictive Control for Energy-saving and Comfortable Temperature Control in Buildings

Martinčević, Anita ; Vašak, Mario ; Lešić, Vinko
Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation

Multi-level Optimal Control of a Microgrid- supplied Cooling System in a Building

Gulin, Marko ; Martinčević, Anita ; Lešić, Vinko ; Vašak, Mario
IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe, ISGT Europe 2016

Estimation of disturbance heat flux in buildings

Starčić, Antonio ; Martinčević Anita ; Vašak, Mario
2015 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium

Computer-assisted Management of Building Climate and Microgrid with Model Predictive Control

Lešić, Vinko ; Vašak, Mario ; Martinčević, Anita ; Gulin, Marko ; Starčić, Antonio ; Novak, Hrvoje
17th International Conference on Civil and Building Engineering, ICCBE 2015

Computer-assisted Management of Building Climate and Microgrid with Model Predictive Control

Lešić, Vinko ; Vašak, Mario ; Martinčević, Anita ; Gulin, Marko ; Starčić, Antonio ; Novak, Hrvoje

Parameter estimation for low-order models of complex buildings

Martinčević, Anita ; Starčić, Antonio ; Vašak, Mario
IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) European 2014 Conference

Hierarchical Optimal Control of the Heating and Cooling System in the Premises of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Martinčević, Anita

Optimal Control of a Family House Heating System

Vašak, Mario ; Martinčević, Anita
36th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, Computers in Technical Systems (CTS)

Model Predictive Building Climate Control with Taking into Account the Uncertainties of Weather Forecasts

Martinčević, Anita

Model predictive control of heating and cooling in a family house

Vašak, Mario ; Starčić, Antonio ; Martinčević, Anita
34th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics -- Computers in Technical Systems

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  • Consumer electronics
    Home automation Smart homes
  • Control systems
    Automatic control Centralized control Closed loop systems Control design Control engineering Control system synthesis Digital control Programmable control Fluidics Nonlinear control systems Optimal control PI control Thermal variables control Temperature control Cooling Heating systems Thermal analysis
  • Engineering – general
    Maintenance engineering Predictive maintenance Preventive maintenance
  • Industrial electronics
    Industrial control Process control Predictive control
  • Mathematics
    Linear programming Algorithm design and anlaysis Algorithms Dynamic programming Genetic algorithms Signal processing algorithms Differential equations Convex functions Estimation Estimation theory Linear systems Mathematical model Mathematical programming Optimization Cost function Mathematical programming Quadratic programming Piecewise linear techniques Correlation
  • Power engineering and energy
    Energy Energy consumption Energy management Demand-side management  Energy conservation Energy efficiency
  • Robotics and automation
    Automation Building automation
  • Systems engineering and theory
    Complex systems Hierarchical systems Multilevel systems  Modeling Analytical models Simulation System identification Systems modeling Reduced order systems System analysis and design Control system analysis State-space methods Fault detection System dynamics System implementation System integration
  • Computers and information processing
    Big Data applications

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