About the Faculty

We are celebrating 66 years of independent activity at a time when FER is one of the most important scientific institutions in Croatia, and, according to the European Commission data, FER is at the top in Croatia in terms of attracting EU projects. Out of 700 employees, almost 50% are hired at our own expense thanks to the international funding of our research.


Mission, Vision and Strategy

We are the leading national and regional research and higher education institution, with excellent teachers and students, closely linked with the economy, excellently organized and internationally recognized.

Structure and Management

The Faculty comprises 12 departments, and it is managed by the Dean and the Faculty Council. Numerous administrative and support services take care of everyday work – in total we employ 500 employees, of which 25% with our own resources.


Twelve FER departments are the core of the educational, research and scientific activities in individual fields or areas.




Quality Assurance

Approach to quality assurance at the Faculty is based on self-evaluation and student surveys, as well as internal and external evaluations.


The tradition of electrical engineering education goes back to 1919, and continues with the establishment of Technical Faculty in 1926. Faculty of Electrical Engineering (ETF), as an independent faculty, was established in 1956, and in 1995 it changed its name to Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER).


More than 25 000 students graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering or FER. Former students are gathered in association AMAC-Alumni FER, established in 2000 as a continuation of Association of ETF Engineering Graduates (established on June 4, 1992).