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The fastest pure silicon bipolar...

The fastest pure silicon bipolar transistor from FER's laboratory

Petra Škaberna

Daily newspapers Poslovni dnevnik has written an article about the remarkable success of our researchers from the Micro- & Nano-Electronics Laboratory ( MiNEL ), the development of the world's fastest pure silicon bipolar transistor, which you can read here. In addition to the head of the Laboratory, prof. Tomislav Suligoj, PhD, the team working on this project consists of assoc. prof. Marko Koričić, PhD, Ivan Berdalović, PhD, Lovro Marković, MEng, Josip Žilak, PhD, Željko Osrečki, PhD, and Filip Bogdanović, MEng. In the article, you will learn about the principle on which the HCBT (Horizontal Current Bipolar Transistor) works and what other projects and research our MiNEL scientists are working on. In the extended news version, you can find the translation of the entire article.

Call for students to participate in...

Call for students to participate in the RAMI competition

Fausto Miguel Pascoal Ferreira

The METRICS RAMI Cascade Evaluation Campaign for Marine Robots is a competition open to everyone all around the world and is led by  NATO STO CMRE  (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation, La Spezia, Italy), one of the reference research centres in Europe devoted to marine robotics technologies. This competition will take place fully virtually using data generated during  previous RAMI campaigns . Description of the Cascade Evaluation Campaign for Marine Robots    METRICS RAMI Cascade Evaluation Campaign for Marine Robots will focus on the classification, identification and localization of Object of Potential Interest (OPIs) in underwater images. A training dataset containing OPI images will be proposed to teams to support the development of classification, identification and OPI localization software. The developed software will then be applied by the Organizing Committee (OC) to a test set of OPI images to produce the scoring for each team and the consequent ranking. To learn more about the competition, please check: . Additional information is also available in the detailed news content. Deadline is October 7.

Prof. Emer. Stanko Tonković elected...

Prof. Emer. Stanko Tonković elected as Honorary Life Member

Petra Škaberna

Prof. Emer. Stanko Tonković, PhD , was elected as Honorary Life Member (HLM) in International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering ( IFMBE ). HLM is recognition for long-term work and promotion of BMI. Professor Tonković made a pioneering and significant contribution to the development of biomedical engineering internationally and in Croatia and in introducing biomedical engineering to University programs in the southeast region of Europe fulfilling by his activities the educational mission of the IFMBE. During his many years of work and academic activity, Professor Tonković held many administrative positions at the Faculty, including the position of Dean of the Faculty from the adacemic year 1994/95 to 1997/98. The title of IFMBE Honorary LifeMember is bestowed on individuals who have rendered exceptional service to the Federation. In 2022 a total of 10 recipients have received the IFMBE Honorary Life Member Award which is inducted every 3 years during each World Congress for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. The International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) is primarily a federation of national and transnational organizations that represent national interests in medical and biological engineering: building up biomedical engineering and health research and professional networks, exchange of knowledge, fostering international mobility of researchers and students, making medical and engineering knowledge and health care available to all. The objectives of the IFMBE are scientific, technological, literary, and educational.

The international conference...

The international conference Combinatorial Constructions Workshop

Lenka Mihoković

The three-day international conference Combinatorial Constructions Workshop was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing from June 27 to 29, 2022. The conference brought together researchers working in the fields of discrete mathematics, combinatorics, design theory, finite geometry, graph theory, coding theory, cryptography and algebraic combinatorics. FER and the Department of Applied Mathematics hosted 50 domestic and foreign participants. The conference was opened with welcoming speeches by the president of the organizing committee, Assoc. Prof. Anamari Nakić and deputy head of ZPM, Assoc. Prof. Josipa-Pina Milišić.

Second season of the urban garden at FER

Second season of the urban garden at FER

Katarina Mandarić

Considering the great success of the urban garden set up at FER last year, the members of the Laboratory have set up an even bigger urban garden in the yard of FER again this year! As well as last year, various sensors will monitor the condition of the tomatoes and peppers planted by our colleagues from the  Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb . The aim is to determine the influence of the selected substrate (which one part of the seedlings are enriched with) through the collected data from the sensors, plant condition and yield. The garden was set up as part of the project “ IoT-field: Ecosystem of networked devices and services for the Internet of Things with application in agriculture “, a three-year interdisciplinary research project in the field of smart agriculture that began in March 2020 so it is in its last year now. It is coordinated by FER in cooperation with the  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek  (FERIT) and the  Agricultural Institute Osijek  (PIO). Check out how the set-up of the garden and sensors took place last year, here . Watch a video about the urban garden at FER, from September 2021 (in Croatian)  here. Find out more about the project here .

Job Fair celebrated its 15th birthday...

Job Fair celebrated its 15th birthday by breaking all records!

Petra Škaberna

On Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 and 12 , the 15th Job Fair took place. Martinovka Sports Hall switched its primary role those two days and became a meeting spot for 134 companies from 15 different industries and over 5 thousand STEM students. A rich program at Martinovka The whole-day program included 129 booths which students could visit and a big part of them had their own additional activities in which students could participate, such as trying out modern technologies such as VR headsets, competing in riddles or trying out their luck in different games and win interesting gifts. A special program took place on the stage at the same time. Company representatives talked about their experience in 24 talks divided into 3 categories : Career Switch, What the Tech?! and Recycled Technology. The first day was completed as a whole with a midday panel discussion about "How does artificial intelligence impact our society?" in which representatives from the economy and academic community found out how artificial intelligence came to be, how they use it, what the benefits are and what we can expect from the future. The second day got spicy with an interview better known as Hot talk in which Luka Drezga, COO at Ars Futura participated by answering questions about the work and home parts of life, all while trying out hot sauces. His victory is proudly marked with the highest score.

Marsela Polic awarded...

Marsela Polic awarded L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award

Petra Škaberna

Research associate from the Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems ( LARICS) , Marsela Polić, PhD, is one of this year's scholarship holders of the National Scholarship Program "For Women in Science" organized by L’Oréal Adria and the Croatian Commission for UNESCO at the Ministry of Culture and Media. The scholarship program has been running in Croatia for sixteen years, and by decision of leading Croatian scientists, four scholarships in the amount of 5,000 euros are awarded to the four best Croatian scientists under 35 from the field of natural sciences, including interdisciplinary fields, which are in the final year of their PhD studies. Congratulations Marsela!