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    prof. dr. sc. Davor Bonefačić

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    Davor Bonefačić received his Dipl.Ing., Mr.Sc. and Dr.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), Zagreb, Croatia, in 1993, 1996 and 2000, respectively.

    Since March 1993 he has been with the Department of Wireless Communications at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. From 1993 to 2002 he worked as young researcher. In March 2002 he was appointed as Assistant Professor, and in November 2006 as Associate Professor at the same Department. In June 2010 he was promoted to Full Professor. His teaching activity includes several subjects on microwave engineering, RF systems, antennas and radars at graduate and doctoral studies. He is co-author of one university textbook and author of teaching materials and course aids in electronic form for five courses at graduate level at FER.

    He was the mentor of more than 25 diploma works. He was the supervisor of two doctoral theses which were defended with success in 2004 and 2013. Currently he is supervising another three doctoral candidates at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

    Prof. Bonefačić led the project 036-128 "Electronically Controlled Active Antenna Arrays" (1997 - 2001), financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia, and participated in five research projects financed by the same Ministry:

    -   036-0361566-1573 "Multifunctional antennas in communication and radar systems" (2007 - 2013) and

    -   004-1193086-3065 "Meteorological observation and data assimilation methods" (2007 - 2013)

    -   Project 0036036 "Adaptive Antennas in Communication and Radar Systems" (2002-2006),

    -   Project 036-028 "Antennas and Propagation in Communication and Radar Systems" (1997 - 2001), and

    -   Project 2-05-256 "Mobile Communications - Efficiency and Antenna Systems" (1993 - 1996).

    He collaborated on five COST Projects and Actions financed by the EU:

    -   COST IC1102 "VISTA - Action on Versatile, Integrated, and Signal-aware Technologies for Antennas within the ICT Domain" (2012 - 2016),

    -   COST IC0603 - "ASSIST - Antenna Systems and Sensors for Information Society Technologies" (2007 - 2011),

    -   COST 284 "Innovative Antennas for Emerging Terrestrial & Space-Based Applications" (2001 - 2006),

    -   COST 260 "Smart Antennas: Computer Aided Design and Technology" (1997 - 2001),

    -   COST 245 "Active phased arrays and array fed antennas" (1993 - 1996)

    and one FP6 project:

    -   ACE - Antenna Centre of Excellence - Network is a Network of excellence in the European 6th framework IST (IST-2004-508009 & IST-2006-026957) (2004 - 2007)

    In 2013 he led the research titled "Small and Adaptive Antennas for Green Communications in Smart Environment" under a short-term grant provided by the University of Zagreb.

    Currently prof. Bonefačić is leading the research project:

    -   IP-11-2013-6198 "Textile Antennas for Smart Environment (TexASE)" (2013-2018)

    financed by the Croatian Science Foundation.

    Prof. Bonefačić published one book chapter and more than 85 scientific papers in journals and conference proceedings in the area of small, active and integrated antennas, applications of metamaterials in antennas, and radar systems.

    In 1996 he was a visiting researcher at the Third University of Rome, Rome, Italy.

    Prof. Bonefačić has been a collaborative member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ) since 2004, while in 2012 he was promoted to member grade. He was elected Secretary of the Department of Communication Systems of the Academy for the term 2013-2017.

    He is member of IEEE, KoREMA (Croatian Society for Communication, Computing, Electronics, Measurement and Control) and Elmar (Electronics in Marine) societies. Since 2011 he has been chairing the MTT Chapter of the IEEE Croatia Section.

    Prof. Bonefačić is member of the WG for small antennas within the EurAAP (European Association on Antennas and Propagation).

    He participated in 13 organizing or program committees of international conferences of which five times he served as committee or conference chair or co-chair. He was the editor of nine proceedings of international conferences in printed and electronic form. He also serves as a reviewer for international scientific journals and conferences. Prof. Bonefačić was member of the editorial board of Radioengineering journal (ISSN 1210-2512) in the period 2003-2014. Since 1996 he is editor of the column "Conferences and Events" in the Automatika journal (ISSN 0005-1144).

    In 1993 he received the Award of the Rector of the University of Zagreb and the bronze plaque "J. Lončar" from FER. He received the silver plaque "J. Lončar" from FER for outstanding master thesis in 1996. In 2009 he received the "Rikard Podhorsky" award from the Croatian Academy of Engineering (HATZ) for excellence in scientific and professional achievements. Under his chairing, the MTT Chapter of the IEEE Croatia Section received the MTT-S Outstanding Chapter Award for the year 2013.

    Prof. Bonefačić authored and co-authored more than 35 professional and technical papers, studies and evaluations for the Croatian Ministry of Defense, Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, leading mobile operators in Croatia, and other entities. His professional interests include EMC, EMI estimation and suppression, EM field measurement and estimation of human exposure to EM fields.

    He has been member of ad-hoc committees of the Ministry of Health regarding human exposure to EM fields and protection from EM waves. He was lecturer at training seminars on radar technology for the staff of Croatia Control Ltd, company for air traffic control, flight information and safety.

    During his professional career prof. Bonefačić also worked on calibration of instruments for microwave measurements in the Accredited laboratory for microwave measurement at the Department of Wireless Communications (FER). Furthermore, he gained experience in EM field measurement for assessment of human exposure to EM fields radiated by mobile communications base stations and radar installations and in conformity testing of radio stations and RF equipment. He is active in promoting scientific research and professional activities in interviews for electronic and printed media. 


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    • Antennas and propagation
      Antennas Adaptive arrays Microstrip antenna arrays Microwave antenna arrays Phased arrays Planar arrays Broadband antennas Directional antennas Microstrip antennas Microwave antennas Mobile antennas Patch antennas Rectennas
    • Communications technology
      Radio communication equipment Microwave communication Rectennas Mobile communication  3G mobile communication 4G mobile communication 5G mobile communication Radio communication Radio communication countermeasures Radio frequency Radio link Radio spectrum management Wireless communication Cognitive radio GSM Modulation UHF antennas Ultra wideband antennas
    • Electromagnetic compatibility and interference
      Electromagnetic compatibility Baluns Electromagnetic wave absorption Frequency Line-of-sight propagation EMP radiation effects Clutter Electromagnetic interference Radiofrequency interference Specific absorption rate Interference elimination Interference suppression
    • Engineering – general
      Electrical engineering
    • Microwave theory and techniques
      Microwave technology Baluns Beam steering Circulators Masers Microwave bands  C-band K-band L-band Microwave circuits Microwave communication Rectennas Microwave devices Microwave amplifiers Microwave filters Microwave transistors Microwave generation High power microwave generation Microwave sensors Millimeter wave technology Millimeter wave circuits Millimeter wave devices Millimeter wave transistors Millimeter wave radar Submillimeter wave technology Submillimeter wave circuits Submillimeter wave communication Submillimeter wave devices
    • Signal processing
      Amplitude modulation Chirp modulation Demodulation Digital modulation Frequency modulation Phase modulation RF signals
    • Aerospace and electronic systems
      Airborne radar Bistatic radar Cognitive radar Meteorological radar Radar countermeasures
    • Circuits and systems
      Analog circuits Microwave circuits Millimeter wave circuits Passive circuits Injection-locked oscillators Microwave oscillators
    • Education
      Communication engineering education Student experiments
    • Electron devices
      Klystrons Magnetrons Gunn devices P-i-n diodes P-i-n diodes Varactors
    • Geoscience and remote sensing
      Airborne radar Bistatic radar Cognitive radar Doppler radar Meteorological radar Millimeter wave radar Multistatic radar Radar countermeasures Radar detection Radar equipment
    • IEEE organization
      IEEE Volunteer activities
    • Industry applications
      Radiation safety Radiation protection
    • Instrumentation and measurement
      Impedance matching Baluns Antenna measurements Dielectric measurement Transmission line measurements Microwave measurement Millimeter wave measurements Parameter extraction
    • Vehicular and wireless technologies
      Body sensor networks
    • Engineering in medicine and biology
    • Engineering management
      Conference management
    • Magnetics

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