Research interests and expertise

Our research interests and expertise cover the following areas:

  • advanced nanodevices for electronics, sensors and neuromorphic circuits on the nanoscale
  • advanced physical electronics at micro and nano scale, semi-classical and quantum transport (NEGF)
  • 2D materials (silicene, germanene, phosphorene, etc.) and their applications in electronics
  • numerical modeling and simulation - from atomistic scale to compact models for circuit simulations (Matlab, C, CUDA, Verilog)
  • parallel programming and computing in heterogeneous CPU+GPU environments (C, OpenMP, MPI, BLAS, LAPACK, CUDA, Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox)


Simulation software

Our group is the birthplace of three simulation packages that are in constant development:

  • SPARQS - scalable parallel quantum transport code for atomistic simulations of nanodevices (C, BLAS-LAPACK, CUDA, cuBLAS, cuSOLVER, cuSPARSE, OpenMP). We are working on an MPI version that will enable self-consistent 2D and 3D simulations. Application: nanotransistors and nanomemistors with 2D materials.
  • QUDEN - quantum transport code for atomistic or effective mass model simulations (Matlab, Parallel Computing Toolbox). We are working on improving the code to include dissipative transport. Applications: proof-of-concept for demanding simulations, resonant tunneling diodes, nanoribbons of 2D materials.
  • MORGANA - simulator of carrier mobility in graphene and graphene nanoribbons. We are currently working on improving the model to include the influence of the Ge substrate of different crystallographic orientations.



Members of the group and MiNEL, as well as other researchers and students interested in collaboration, have at their disposal:

  • computational cluster with 8 units, each containing: 8-core Xeon Silver processor, 32 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P4000 GPU (1792 CUDA cores, 8 GB GDDR5, FP64: 166 GFLOPS)
  • workstation containing: i5-8400 processor, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia Titan Xp GPU (3840 CUDA cores, 12 GB GDDR5X, FP64: 380 GFLOPS)