Croatian Science Foundation project


Labratory equipment

Beck Evaluation Kit DK61

Freescale ZSTAR Evaluation Bord – 2 pieces

Measurement equipment Geiger

Development system for the comparison of resistance standards

Mobile measurement laboratory

Weller and CT 850 D, for SMD – 2 pieces

Digital multimetar UT-60 E, True RMS multimetar – 2 pieces

Programator BIG AVR

Analog devices development board

Three phase power calibrator c300

Multifunction calibrator Transmille

PXI systems

Agilent 3458A multimeters


National Instruments equipment

cRIO-9072 Integrated Controller and Chassis System, 1M Gate FPGA – 2 pieces

cDAQ-9172 8-slot USB 2.0 Chassis for CompactDAQ, Europe (240 VAC)

NI 9978 4-pos screw terminal power supply plugs (quantity 5)

USB Single Module Carrier for C Series Modules

NI 9239 4 ch ±10 V, 50 kS/s/Ch, 24-bit, Ch-Ch Isolated AI Module

NI 9971 Backshell for 2-pos connector block (qty 4)

NI 9215 4 ch, 16-Bit, +/-10 V, 100 kS/s/ch, SS Diff AI – 2 pieces

NI 9932 Backshell with 10-pos connector block (qty 1) – 2 pieces

NI 9263 4 ch,16-bit, +/-10 V, 100 kS/s/Ch, AO Module

NI USB-6008 12-Bit, 10 kS/s Low-Cost Multifunction DAQ – 2 pieces

NI USB-6501, 24-Ch Digital I/O 5 V TTL, 3.3 V, 8.5 mA and NI-DAQ

NI ELVIS Circuit Design – 10 pieces