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Hi Guys and Girl…


So here is the latest info about the project.


1. The work

We continue on our duties and responsibilities during the period up to next meeting and do our best.

We all know what to do in our parts of the projects. If you are uncertain ask the person responsible for that area:

Documents:       Zahid

Source-code:     Tihana

Testing:             Marko

Database:         Irfan

Webpage:          Zdenek



2. Next meeting for the whole group

I suggest that we have the next meeting either 15th or 16th January 2005. As it is now I can any time either of these 2 days so it is up to you guys to decide.


It is very important that we all are done with our parts before this meeting is on, i.e. all the coding, writing and testing, after this meeting we should prepare our self and the group for the final presentation.


In this meeting we need to sit down and finalize the Final report (put all your writing together) and make the presentation for Thursday 20th January 2005.

So it is very important that you all write your part for the report and other documents needed, don’t forget to write how it was to work in a distributed environment, bad and good, what you could have done different and so on. Contact Zahid if you have any further questions.


And as usual I expect the week reports in my mailbox no later then 12.00 every Monday for the rest of the Project time.






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