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Subject: hi all.. latest info!!

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Merry X-mas to you all from me, Jonas…


After an intensive meeting today I really think that Zahid and Zdenek need to read through the chat-log from it. (It is attached to this mail)


1. Next meeting

Tihana and I spoke first and talked about Sunday at 21.00 but while talking to Zdenek and Irfan I suggest that we have the meeting on Monday 27th December at 11.00

We need to be all in this meeting, it is very important that we all attend to this meeting. We got a lot of things that we need to go through!!!!

I expect people to attend to this meeting and NOT BEING LATE… and NOT LEAVING without telling in advance that he has to leave at one certain time!!!


2. CVS


As we talked about on the meeting we all need to think twice before we do anything in the CVS to avoid the mess we have done so far in it.


And it is crucial to write comments IN THE DOCUMENTS and IN THE CVS when committing the files. It is better to write LESS code to be able to write the comments needed for the project.

I really do hope that you understand this from now on!!! I don’t want to explain it again unless you ask for it within a few days from this mail.


3. Docs


Zahid and I still need help with the last doc, project description. READ IT AND HELP US!!!! It can only take 1 hour!!!!!!

Promise me that this is the last mail I have to ask for this favor again!!!!


4. Week reports


I expect them to be in my mailbox no later than 12.00 Monday. If later they will not be in the summary week report. It is simple as that, it is now up too you to make it happen.


5. Understanding

Just an reflection over my chat today and the mails and info I need to repeat and resend too you all, all the time.


WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I need to that? What is the problem? What do I need to do to make you understand what you need to do? I still don’t get it. Please think about that and answer…



That is all from me now. I am looking forward to see more results next week. I had a first try of the client earlier today and are eager to try next version.

Thanks for the time you put in to the project.


Have a really nice week-end and I see you on Monday.




/jonas (PL)



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