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Sent: den 21 december 2004 22:35
Subject: hi guys...

Sorry for not attending todayís meeting but without being able to check the minutes of meeting or the chat-logg from Thursday meeting I had no idea when the meeting was on.



1. Week reports


Because people canít hand the reports in on time I have sent the summary in today without the last 2 peoples weeks-reports in it. Irfan and Zdenek. It is up to you how to solve it with Rikard. I am done waiting for your reports.


From next week if I donít get the report by Monday lunch (12.00) to me I will not add them in week-report. Then it is up to you if you want to be in the reports.


2. the CVS


I donít know whatís the problem with using the CVS and how many times I need too go through it with you. This is the last time. READ THIS CAREFULLY AND IF YOU DONíT UNDERSTAND READ IT AGAIN AND IF YOU STILL NOT UNDERSTAND IT SEND ME AN EMAIL.



b.       When you add files to CVS describe the document in the comment.

c.       When you have made the changes in the file/files, write in the files what you have changed PLUS in the comment when committing the files!!!! And donít write I have changed this fileÖ. It means jack shitÖ write in short what you have done. And of course files like the ones created by the compiler for an example it is no idea to write a comment when u commit it/submit it to CVS BUT you can write a comment the first time uploading it to CVS telling all that this file is created by compilerÖ

d.       Upload the files you are changing and working on all the time. Not every 5 minutes but when you are done for the day take 10 minutes uploading them to CVS


Irfan: I want to see your files on the CVS by tomorrow Wednesday. No more excuses or anything just upload them. It is getting ridiculous this having to wait for you files!!!!


If you donít understand that we need to use the CVS you have to talk to the teacher and tell him why you donít want to use the CVS. Because if I donít see the result I am going to the teachers telling him or them that you refuse to use the CVS. You canít blame that CVS is not working any more. It is up to you now. But if I donít see the files on the CVS by tomorrow I will let the teacher know that you donít want to use CVS. And that is also committing the changes to the files.


This mail is for everyone. But if you know that you have done from the above things. Donít worry about it. But others: Get your self together and do your part of this project so we can manage and get a great grade in the end.


3. The database and the homepage


I have changed the location of the homepage and the database to make it work. It has been some trouble today but hey.. that how it is when it is for free. The details about it is below:

----------------------------[ start of info ]------------------------------------


Here is the homepage located:

Here is the login for it on the ftp:


Username: ftp-messengerclient-1go

Password: client



Here is the login for it on the php-myadmin page:


Database: free57654

username: free57654

password: client



Here is info about the php-server it is on:


----------------------------[ end of info ]------------------------------------


4. Testing of the client


When talking to Tihana she thinks we can have the client ready this weekend for testing. I am really looking forward to that moment. Would be good to be able to record conversations within this project.


5. The docs


Zahid and I need help doing the project description from you all. Zahid have sent an mail on this subject and I can still not see any result!!!! Come one guys!!!! Take 1 hour and read through it. Do it tomorrow Wednesday so we can finish it of by Thursday. This is not an question, you can call it an order!!! J No seriously. Look at it. No more excuses from anyone of you. All should have had a look at it by tomorrow!



6. Next meeting


Tihana, Zdenek, Marko and I have talked about a meeting on Thursday at 15.00. This time I will be there, don't worry about that. So Zahid and Irfan? I hope you can attend that meeting.





Talk to you on Thursday


/jonas (PL)


jonas wadsten



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