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Subject: latest news....

Hi guys and girl.. J


I hope that all of u had a good weekend.


So back to reality:


1.       Weekly Reports!! – Don’t forget the weekly report, this first one should include from start until today Sunday (about 1.5 week), what u have done and how much work you have put in the project. I need it the latest tomorrow lunch time… Send them to me, I summon them up in total weekly report and send them all in to Igor.

2.       On Friday it came to our notice that we need to make a small deamon-program/klient for the database-server to reroute our traffic from a tcp-port to the database. Tihana thinks this is possible but it need to be written in Java! Zahid and Irfan are looking in to it and will tell us on Monday meeting. A back-up plan is that I got an MySQL-server here in Sweden that we can use if we end up in a “dead-end” with this java-client.

3.       Monday meeting is mainly on MSN. I will be in Stockholm with my webcam running. Irfan, Zahid and Zdenek will be together (I think so anyway) but connected to MSN, and finally Tihana and Marko will join us on MSN with at least 1 webcam probably… J at 3 o’clock (15.00). Meeting agenda is (some of it):
- Java-client
- Documentation, how far are we?
- When to start with mess-client?
- Possible to be finished by 90% at 16th December?
- Testing according by Marko (Marko has been looking into how to test software’s)
- … that’s what I could think about this Sunday evening…

4.       AND the last thing… send me your personal info… Marko and I are done.. Just the rest of u.. ;)



Talk too u tomorrow…

/jonas (PL)


jonas wadsten



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118 60 stockholm


+46(0)8-644 02 44


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