Control-based Hierarchical Consolidation of Large Consumers

for Integration in Smart Grids


The 3CON research project is funded by Croatian Science Foundation. Overall project duration is 36 months, in period from December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2017.

Our LARES research team published an article "Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Coordinated Electric Railway Traction System Energy Management" - H. Novak, V. Lešić, M. Vašak, in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, a prestigious IEEE scientific journal. The paper is published within a Special Issue on Intelligent Rail Transportation, focussed on development and application of intelligent technologies for improvement of railway's autonomy, cooperation and integration.

The paper presents a novel railway energy management system based on hierarchical coordination of electric traction substation energy flows and on-route trains energy consumption levels. The levels are coordinated through parametric hierarchical model predictive control with the main goal of additionally increasing the energy efficiency and decreasing the operational costs of the overall system.

You can download the article preprint here or take a look at it on the Journal web.

Author: Hrvoje Novak
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