Industrial advisory board

The 3CON Industrial advisory board consists of partnering companies with which the FER’s research team has already built and ongoing cooperations, through projects ENHEMS-Buildings, DYMASOS, Microgrid etc. The role of the members of the industrial advisory board is to critically assess the developed applications and direct them towards exploitation in the Croatian economy through constructive discussions with the FER team members.


Croatian Railways Infrastructure (HŽ Infrastruktura)

Antuna Mihanovića 12, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Croatian Railways Cargo (HŽ Cargo)

Heinzelova 51, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Croatian Railways Passenger Transport (HŽ Putnički Prijevoz)

Strojarska cesta 11, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Končar - Electric Vehicles (KEV)

Ante Babaje 1, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia


Končar - Electrical Engineering Institute (KIET)

Fallerovo šetalište 22, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Croatian Telecom (HT)

Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9, 10110 Zagreb, Croatia


Elma Kurtalj

Lanište 17c, 10020 Zagreb, Croatia