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  • Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems - LARICS
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Zdenko Kovačić
  • Laboratory for Underwater Systems and Technologies - LABUST
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Zoran Vukić
  • Consumer Computing Laboratory - CCL
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Siniša Srbljić
  • Laboratory for Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives - LEMPED
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Damir Žarko
  • Laboratory for Pattern Recognition and Biometric Securuty Systems - RUBIOSS
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Slobodan Ribarić
  • Laboratory for mechatronic systems - LAMES
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Fetah Kolonić
  • Human-Oriented Technologies Laboratory - HOTlab
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Igor S. Pandžić
  • Laboratory for Statistical Modeling and Optimization - SMOLab
    Head of the laboratory: Nikica Hlupić
  • Auralization Laboratory - AuraLab
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Hrvoje Domitrović
  • Green Engineering Laboratory - GEL
    Head of the laboratory: Professor Dina Šimunić
  • Power System Protection Laboratory - PSP Lab
    Head of the laboratory: Juraj Havelka
  • Smart Grid Laboratory - SGLab
    Head of the laboratory: Igor Kuzle 
  • Atmospheric Phenomena Laboratory - APPLY
    Head of the laboratory: Ivo Uglešić
  • Laboratory for Energy and Environmental Markets and Exchanges - LEEMaE
    Head of the laboratory: Željko Tomšić
  • Laboratory for determination of complex structures properties with acoustics methods - AcuLab
    Head of the laboratory: Antonio Petošić
  •  Laboratory for Assistive Technologies and Alternative and Augmentative Communication - ICT-AAC
    Head of the laboratory: Željka Car 
  • Social Networking and Computing Laboratory - socialLAB
    Head of the laboratory: Vedran Podobnik
  • Laboratory for application of information technologies in education - eduLab
    Head of the laboratory: Ivica Botički
  • Text Analysis and Knowledge Engineering Lab - TakeLab
    Head of the laboratory: Bojana Dalbelo Bašić 
  • Laboratory for special purpose information systems - LASPIS
    Head of the laboratory: Krešimir Fertalj 
  • Laboratory for Nuclear Energy and Safety - LNES
    Head of the laboratory: Nikola Čavlina
  • Laboratory for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - LBCB
    Head of the laboratory: Mile Šikić 
  • Internet of Things Laboratory - IoT-lab
    Head of the laboratory: Ivana Podnar Žarko 
  • Advanced Shape Reconstruction and Registration Laboratory - SHARK Lab
    Head of the laboratory: Tomislav Pribanić
  • Image Processing Laboratory - IPL
    Head of the laboratory: Sven Lončarić