Workshop for graduate students,...

The Computing Systems Week, which is organized by: Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and the HiPEAC European network of excellence on the High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation, will host the workshop "Inspiring futures! Researchers' careers." This workshop is intended for graduate and doctoral students, postdocs, young researchers and mentors interested in cooperating in areas of interest of the HIPEAC network, and aims to provide advice and tips for career development, learn about the main skills employers look for, and hear from companies and research centres about potential job vacancies, internships or PhD programmes. The workshop will also provide the business partners and academics with the ability to connect with talented students.

Registration for the workshop, as well as for the entire event, is free and must be done via online: Click here to register.

Complementary to the workshop, Computing Systems Week will also host a competition Heterogeneous Programming Challenge, which is intended for graduate and postgraduate students with all the details on this link.

This workshop organized by Career center FER in collaboration with the network HIPEAC.

Author: Josip Knezović
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