PhD Day 2017 – an event dedicated to...

On 29 March 2017, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing will be hosting the 2nd edition of the PhD Day – Dan doktorata, in Croatian – as an event dedicated to PhD students.

The 2017 PhD Day is a half-day event which provides an opportunity for the PhD students to present and discuss their research results and to interact with other PhD students, as well as post-docs and guests from academia and knowledge-based companies. We also welcome Master-level students interested in entering the PhD programme in the future.

The PhD Day aims to showcase the overall diversity and quality of doctoral research work at FER. The program consists of a plenary session and a poster session. The plenary session will present five successful PhDs from FER as guest speakers. Dr. Ivan Hrvoić, one of the leading experts in the area of geophysical instrumentation for measuring weak (Earth) magnetic field and CEO of GEM Systems, will join us as a honorary guest speaker. Having graduated with a PhD degree from FER in 1972, Dr. Hrvoić will deliver a motivational talk based on his passion for knowledge and rich life experiences. Other speakers in the plenary session include four recent (academic year 2015/16) PhD graduates – Drs. Nikola Banić, Robert Sitar, Dijana Tralić and Tomislav Župan – who were awarded the Silver Plaque "Josip Lončar" for outstanding doctoral thesis research or the "KONČAR" Annual Award for the doctoral dissertation with an outstanding research achievement for industry application. The poster session will include over 30 posters presented by current PhD students, featuring thesis research topics, which were formally approved in the academic year 2015/16. All posters will enter the competition for the Best Poster Award. After the PhD Day, the posters will be published and remain at display in the "electronic exhibition" web page at FER.

The web page dedicated to the event is available in Croatian.

Author: Maja Matijašević
PhD Day 2017
29. March 2017. 10:00  -  14:00
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