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Information (info package) about master study programme at FER can be found at web page Master Programme.

Students of Politecnico di Milano interested in Double Degree Programme at FER can submit their on-line application no later than 11 May 2012. A candidate is obligated to fill the form that contains personal data, data about previous education at the Bachelor level, study programmes and the profile applying for, the name of suggested mentor for the Master Thesis, field of research and a rank list of courses wishing to enrol in the next semester.

Students selected for the Double Degree Programme by the Politecnico di Milano, and nominated to FER, will receive the acceptance letter issued by FER. An application form will be available on-line, along with the list of fields and courses offered through master programme at FER.

During the application process students must submit a motivation letter (max. 1 page), and CV (max. 2 pages). Also, students have to provide the following documents:
An official transcript of records,
A proof of Croatian proficiency (if available),
A proof of foreign language proficiency excluding Croatian and Italian (if available).

Complete set of all the documents mentioned above should be delivered to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Unska 3, HR-10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA no later than 11 May 2012.

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studying in Zagreb (living, expenses...)
course of Croatian language and culture.



Available mentors for academic year 2011/12:

Mentor Field of research Language of communication AUT ENE ESIT ELE ERI OI RKT TKI PIIS RI RZ
Damir Kalpić Operational research, algorithms, information systems English, Italian, German, Spanish X X       X   X X   X
Nikica Hlupić algorithms, statistics, optimization English, German X X X   X X   X X X X
Ivica Botički e-learning, software engineering, algorithms English, German         X     X X X X
Siniša Šegvić Computer vision, computer architecture English, Italian, French               X     X
Ivana Podnar Žarko Publish/subscribe systems and P2P search engines English               X      
Igor Sunday Pandžić Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments English, French           X   X X X X
Sven Lončarić Digital image processing and analysis and Neural Networks English X X X X X X X X X X X


Abbreviation notices recommended profiles: 
AUT Control Engineering and Automatization
ENE Electrical Power Engineering
ESIT Electrical Engineering Systems and Technology
ELE Electronics
ERI Electronic and Computer Engineering
OI Information Processing
RKT Wireless Technologies
TKI Telecommunication and Informatics
PIIS Software Engineering and Information Systems
RI Computer Engineering
RZ Computer Science