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General Rules 

Application and rules for summer cycle of enrolment
Application and rules for autumn cycle of enrolment

All candidates for enrolment in first semester of undergraduate study at FER in winter semester of academic year 2010/2011 will be included in admission procedure.

Application for enrolment in first semester of undergraduate study in academic year 2010/2011
1. The prerequisite for inclusion in admission procedure is completed four years secondary school and passed the obligatory courses at State Matura. State Matura includes exams in Croatian language (A or B level), Mathematics (A level) and Foreign language (A or B level). Candidates that have finished secondary education prior to 2010 are eligable for enrolment without passing the complete State Matura, but they should apply for exams in Mathematics in Physics in order to achieve additional points.
2. Admission procedure presents a verification of candidates’ competences for successful studying at FER.
3. An applicant in the admission procedure at FER can achieve his or her credits:
a) based upon the achievements in the secondary school;
b) based upon the State Matura exams in Mathematics and Physics.
based upon special achievements of candidates

First three places winners in state contest in Croatia in the fields of mathematics, physics or informatics during third or fourth year of secondary education and participants in international Olympiads in fields of mathematics, physics or informatics are exempt from the admission procedure, but are also obligated to pass the State Matura.

4. Through the admission procedure a maximum of 1000 credits can be obtained. Particular parts of the procedure contribute as follows:
a) the results in secondary school, up to 400 credits;
b) the results of State Matura exams in Mathematics and Physics, up to 600 credits.
The credits from secondary school are calculated as follows:
1. Grade average in first class, up to 80 credits
1. Grade average in second class, up to 80 credits
1. Grade average in third class up, to 80 credits
1. Grade average in fourth class, up to 80 credits
1. Grade average in obliagory exams of State Matura, up to 80 credits (A and B level are considered as equal in this calculation).
Calculation: Result of applicant / Maximal result x 80 credits.
Example: Applicant with grade average of 3.0 in first class of secondary school
3.0 / 5.0 x 80 = 48 credits

Number of credits according to State Matura is calculated in following way:

a) Mathematics (A level) up to 360 credits
b) Physics * up to 240 credits
*Exam is not a condition for enrolment.

Calculation is based on acchieved percentage in exam.

Example: Applicant with 60% in Physics will obtain 60 / 100 x 240 = 144 credits.

5. Numbers of places available for enrolment in academic year 2010/2011 are following:

  • 640 students – Citizens of Republic of Croatia;
  • 10 students – Foreign Students.
Fee for the first year will be set according to the rank at the List for Enrolment. Candidates ranked from 1st to 300th are exempt from participation in expenses of study. Candidates ranked from 301st to 600th will pay a fee which increase from 24,57 Croatian kunas to 7.370,00 Croatian kunas. Candidates ranked from the 600th place further and foreign student are obligated to pay maximal fee of 7.370,00 Croatian kunas.
Fee for the second and third year of studying depends on the success of student.
6. Application should be fill-on on-line at following link: NISpVU. Detail information about procedure can be found at same site.
7. All applicants are obligated to pass the admission procedure. This also includes applicant that has finished their secondary education prior to 2010.
8. IMPORTANT: Once the enrolment is approved, applicants are obligated to confirm their enrolment in 48 hours.

9. State Matura exams can be applied for no later then Janury, 31st 2010. Selection of study programs for enrolment in first cycle has to be submitted at NISpVu no later that July, 5th 2010. 

 Application and procedure for enrolment in the second cycle


10. If there are places available at July, 20th 2010 application will be available from July 21st untill July 24th.

If all available places have been taken in the first cycle, in the second cycle only the candidates who were not able to participate in the first cycle can apply. This refers to candidates which could not participate in the first cycle due to date of finished secondary school. If there are open places available after the first cycle, number of open places and information will be published at NISpVU.

Schedule of enrolment will be published and available to the applicants which have fulfilled the requirements for enrolment.
Documents that have to be submitted for enrolment are:
  • Certificate of Residence;
  • Photo (4x6 cm)
All submitted documents have to be originals.
At Bookstore at FER applicant should buy and fill:
  • Enrolment package (upisni paket).
Instruction for filling these forms will be available at boards at FER.
Documents should be submitted at Student Service. Enrolment will be possible at Student Service.