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Published: 17.03.2010. at 20:16

Application details for enrolment in undergraduate (Bachelor) study programs at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing are available at National Information Application System website (www.postani-student.hr). On-line application is obligatory for all applicants, including students who have already completed their secondary school education, and foreign citizens.

Candidates are recommended to check the conditions and dues for completing applications and delivering obligatory documents.


Božica Horvat
Published: 26.10.2009. at 09:07
Edited: 04.11.2009. at 10:08

University of Zagreb has published document Kriteriji za sastavljanje rang-lista pri upisu na studijske programe u akademskoj godini 2010./2011. (available in Croatian only).

List of candidates for enrolment in first year of Bachelor study program at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing will be prepared by following criteria:

a) based upon grades in secondary school - up to 400 points

b) based upon results of exams at State Matura:

    Mathematics (A level) up to 360 points

    Physics* up to 240 points

    *Exam is not a condition for enrolment.

c) based upon special achievements of candidates

- first three places winners in state contest in Croatia in the fields of mathematics, physics or informatics during third or fourth year of secondary education;

- participation in Olympiads in fields of mathematics, physics or informatics;

- one of the best students of an awarded school (Every year the Faculty grants enrolment to students coming from the best secondary school in Croatia. The schools ranking is performed after the ten years avarage success of their former students who had enrolled at FER)

                                                                                     direct enrolment (1000 points)

Božica Horvat
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Published: 02.05.2009. at 15:24
Edited: 02.05.2009. at 15:29

Information for Admission Procedure for enrolment in undergraduate study at FER in academic year 2009/2010 are published in Croatian and English.

For additional information please contact Student Service by e-mail.


Božica Horvat