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Code: 34315
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Alen Bažant
prof. dr. sc. Igor Sunday Pandžić
doc. dr. sc. Željko Ilić
doc. dr. sc. Marin Vuković
Lecturers: Nenad Markuš, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Matija Šulc, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
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The lecturer is not able to offer courses in English at this time.
Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 45
Laboratory exercises 15
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Introduction to the quantitative Shannon?s theory of information and its applications, especially to information coding. Mathematical definition and properties of information. Source coding theorem, lossless data compression and optimal lossless coding. Structural properties of natural languages. Information characteristics of images. Cryptography, data encryption. Noisy communication channels, channel coding theorem, multiple access channels. Error detection and error correction. Cyclic, binary block and convolutional codes, capacity-approaching codes. Gaussian noise, time-varying channels. Unified theory of information with applications to other sciences.
  1. Uvod u teoriju informacije i kodiranje, 2. izd.; I.S. Pandžić, A. Bažant, Ž. Ilić, Z. Vrdoljak, M. Kos, V. Sinković; Element, Zagreb; 2009; ISBN: 978-953-197-605-3
  2. Informacija, simbolika i semantika; V. Sinković; Školska knjiga; 1997; ISBN: 993-0-30739-X
  3. Coding and Information Theory. 2nd ed.; R.E. Hamming; Prentice-Hall. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; 1986; ISBN: 0-13-139072-4
  4. Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design; R. Togneri, C.J.S. deSilva; Cjapman & Hall/CRC; 2003; ISBN: 978-1-58488-310-4
  5. An Introduction to Information Theory; F.M. Reza; Dover, New York; 1994; ISBN: 0-486-68210-2
  6. Pandžić, I. S. Bažant, A. Ilić, Ž. Vrdoljak, Z. Kos, M. Sinković, V. Uvod u teoriju informacije i kodiranje. Element, 2007.
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Passed : Probability and Statistics
5. semester
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Computer Engineering
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Computer Science
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Control Engineering and Automation
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Electrical Power Engineering
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Electronic and Computer Engineering
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Electronics
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Information Processing
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Software Engineering and Information Systems
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Telecommunication and Informatics
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Wireless Technologies
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