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Code: 34313
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Nedjeljko Perić
prof. dr. sc. Zoran Vukić
prof. dr. sc. Mato Baotić
izv. prof. dr. sc. Nikola Mišković
Lecturers: dr. sc. Tamara Hadjina - Laboratory exercises
dr. sc. Vinko Lešić - Laboratory exercises
Josip Ćesić, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Nikola Hure, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Kruno Lenac, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Filip Mandić, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Anita Martinčević, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Ivan Maurović, mag. ing. el. - Laboratory exercises
Branimir Novoselnik, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
Antonio Starčić, mag. ing. - Laboratory exercises
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Lecture typeTotal
Lectures 60
Laboratory exercises 15
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
Introducing course, terminology, historical overview. Classification of control systems. Principle of feedback. Formal representation of control systems. Mathematical modelling. Static and dynamic working regime. Linearization. Responses of linear time invariant (LTI) systems. Use of Laplace transform. Basic dynamic components of control systems. Transfer function and frequency characteristics. Stability analysis: Lyapunov, algebraic and frequency methods. Internal model principle. Sensitivity. Digital control systems. Choice of the sampling period. Mathematical description of A/D and D/A converters, quantization. Discretization methods. Mathematical models of discrete-time systems. Controllability and observability. Performance indices of control systems. Introduction to design. PID regulator and parametrization of PID regulators. Feedforward and cascade control. Digital PID regulator. Windup and antiwindup. Design of digital control system by emulating continuous system.
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  4. Automatsko upravljanje - auditorne vježbe; N. Perić; FER; 1998
  5. Automatsko upravljanje-predavanja; N. Perić; FER; 2005
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  7. Digital Control of Dynamic Systems. G. F. Franklin, J.D. Powell, M.L. Workman. 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 1997.
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  9. Control System Design. G.C. Goodwin, S.F. Graebe, M.E. Salgado. Prentice Hall, 2001.
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Passed : Signals and Systems
5. semester
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Control Engineering and Automation
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Electrical Power Engineering
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Electronic and Computer Engineering
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Electronics
Mandatory course - Mandatory module - Wireless Technologies
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